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Preventative Health

Health literacy and colorectal cancer screening

"Medical jargon is killing us." That’s according to Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick. She is the founder of Grapevine Health, an organization providing trusted, data-driven, and relatable health information through trusted messengers…

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Colorectal cancer screening: pioneering pathways for early detection article
Preventative Health

Cancer Screening and Early Intervention

Early detection of cancer is critical for improving patient outcomes and decreasing mortality. In this collection of CME-accredited activities, expert faculty discuss the latest professional recommendations for cancer screening and strategies for overcoming barriers to screening...

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Patient Story

Colorectal cancer (CRC) survivor shares his story

John Gormly, who went unscreened for 20 years for colon cancer, shares his personal story of how Shield, a simple blood-based screening test, helped identify cancer during a routine wellness visit. John’s PCP and GI worked together, to bring a simple screening solution to catch his cancer at stage 2 and get him the right treatments to save his life.

About Shield

See how Shield, a colorectal cancer screening test, can detect cancer early

Current screening methods like stool tests and colonoscopy have built-in compliance barriers. With a simple blood draw, Shield can help patients overcome screening barriers while detecting colorectal cancer (CRC) early.

Shield Brand Video Transcript

Colorectal cancer—or CRC— is the second-leading cause of cancer-related deaths. However, we can dramatically improve survival outcomes when it’s found early. For example, the 5-year survival rate for Stage 1 & 2 colorectal cancer is 90%.

Screening is the single-best way to detect colorectal cancer. More than 75% of people who died from colorectal cancer were not up to date on screening. Early detection in some cases, can prevent the development of cancer. The current screening modalities, whether stool-based tests or colonoscopy, can deter patients. As Physicians, our goal is to improve early detection and prevent colorectal cancer, so how is the landscape changing to support this important objective? With the innovation of technology and blood-based screening as an option, we can help patients who remain unscreened to get screened.

To help remove CRC barriers and increase compliance results, Guardant Health developed Shield, a highly sensitive blood test that detects early signs of colorectal cancer in average-risk adults. With early detection you are giving patients more time to spend with family.

The goal of screening is to prevent or accurately detect the presence of cancer at its early stages. Therefore, it’s important for a colon cancer screening test to have high sensitivity to find signals of colorectal cancer.

Shield demonstrates high sensitivity by leveraging our advanced multi-modal approach to detect abnormal signals in the bloodstream associated with colorectal cancer. With a simple blood draw, Shield can help break through barriers to help increase compliance rates in average risk adults.

Since our founding over a decade ago, Guardant Health has pioneered a transformation in how we fight cancer by developing blood tests to detect and manage cancer across all stages of the disease. For screening, CRC is our first and lead indication with Shield and soon it will expand into multi-cancer screening, cancers including lung, and others, where we believe cancer screening can save lives.

Help increase screening rates to save lives—with Shield. A simple blood draw. A revolutionary test.

About Shield

Discover how the technology behind Shield is advancing cancer screening

With its novel, multimodal approach, Shield blood test demonstrated high sensitivity & can accurately detect colorectal cancer signals in the bloodstream.

Technology Video Transcript

Colorectal cancer or CRC is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths. CRC originates as a benign polyp in the colorectal epithelium and may continue to develop into a tumor with no trace of symptoms.

These cancer cells shed circulating tumor DNA or ctDNA into the bloodstream.

Shield is a novel multimodal blood test developed for cancer detection which analyzes ctDNA in the patient’s blood sample.

Shield uses a multimodal approach to detect cancer biomarkers. Genetic mutations associated with cancer are identified using next generation sequencing. Epigenetic modifications affecting which genes are turned on or off are identified by analyzing methylation signals and ctDNA fragmentation patterns that may be associated with cancer.

Shield’s high sensitivity and specificity enable accurate detection of CRC. Becoming a novel solution to help improve screening compliance, thanks to its proprietary multimodal approach and patented digital sequencing platform.

A simple blood draw, a revolutionary test!

About Guardant Health

Guardant Health is working to give patients with cancer more time

With a portfolio of products to help doctors and their patients, Guardant Health is dedicated to improving cancer tests that inform treatment options and giving patients what they need most—more time.

Resources to support your patients

Offer patients these educational materials so they can understand the benefits of Shield, a blood test for colorectal cancer screening.

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Patient Colorectal Cancer Screening Decision Guide

Educate your patients on their colorectal cancer screening options and next steps once you order Shield

About Shield

Shield Patient Brochure (Guardant Access)

Provide your patients with additional information on Shield and Guardant Access for financial assistance

Clinical Performance

Guardant Health ECLIPSE Study Data Demonstrating Efficacy of Shield Blood-based Test for Colorectal Cancer Screening Published in The New England Journal of Medicine

ECLIPSE validates Shield as an accurate screening method for CRC

Read the press release
Clinical Performance

Guardant Health announces positive results from pivotal ECLIPSE study evaluating a blood test for the detection of colorectal cancer

Study demonstrates 83% sensitivity for detection of colorectal cancer with specificity of 90%

View the full ECLIPSE press release
Clinical Performance

Validation of a multimodal blood-based test for the detection of colorectal cancer with sub single molecule sensitivity

Blood-based colorectal cancer (CRC) screening tests can improve adherence to screening guidelines…

Study the data behind Shield
Colorectal Cancer Screening

A New Simpler Blood Test To Screen For Colorectal Cancer May Help Save More Lives

Colorectal cancer (CRC) remains one of the most common and deadly forms of cancer in the United States…

Learn a clinical expert's thoughts on Shield
Introducing Shield

Guardant Health Announces Colorectal Cancer Blood Test for Average-Risk Adults

Today, precision oncology company Guardant Health announced the availability of Shield, a blood-based test for the detection of early-stage colorectal cancer (CRC)….

Hear about Shield from Colorectal Cancer Alliance
Introducing Shield

Guardant Health Announces Shield™ Blood Test Available in US to Detect Early Signs of Colorectal Cancer in Average-Risk Adults

Highly sensitive Shield test offers convenient screening method that can be completed with simple blood draw…

View the Shield announcement press release
Clinical Performance

Development of a Highly-Sensitive Targeted Cell-Free DNA Epigenomic Assay for Early-Stage Multi-Cancer Screening

A blood-based cancer screening test should exhibit performance metrics optimized for the cancer of interest…

Learn more about Guardant Health's assay
Colorectal Cancer Screening

Close the Gap: Disparities in Cancer Screening Threaten Lives

February marks National Cancer Prevention Month, an initiative to bring awareness to ways Americans can reduce their risk for cancer…

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